Marriage Therapy

Marriage is where we can experience the full power of secure attachment. To be known by your spouse and to know your spouse is the deepest emotional intimacy between two people.  I will work hard to help you see the underlying dynamics that may be negatively impacting your marriage, such as:

Communication issues

Lack of intimacy

Personality differences

Family of origin influences

Career demands

Parenting difficulties

Spending habits and financial concerns

Mental and physical health issues

As well as many others 

Together, we can develop strategies to successfully manage the concerns you are experiencing so that you have a healthy and satisfying marriage.


Family Therapy

Family is where we can provide a loving secure attachment to our children, allowing them to grow and develop confidently.

The dynamics in a family are complex and often confusing. Family can feel chaotic and out of control. Sometimes we feel like we should be a better parent or that the sibling rivalry is just too much.  At times, it is difficult to know how to be a parent.

Having a family therapist sitting with your family, giving everyone a chance to talk, can have a very powerful and profound affect.  When a family can hear and empathize with each other, they are well on their way to resolving their concerns. 

With over 33 years of experience with families, I feel confident that I can help you and your family.


individual psychotherapy

Seeking out a licensed and experienced mental health professional is a very positive step in the right direction.  Feeling stuck is very discouraging and can be depressing.  I can help you with issues such as:




Eating problems

Career issues

Relationship difficulties

Pre-marriage counseling

Personal growth and development

And many other concerns 

Having an objective professional to talk to can be very insightful and help you move forward on your path. A professional can help you prioritize your life goals and help you to understand what may be holding you back from getting to the next stage in your life.

I would work diligently to help you feel confident, secure and happy with your life.

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Thank you.

Larry Kennedy, PhD